Juggler, relationship builder, story teller and connector...Project Manager at the core. Currently Director of Client Success for Ecos, Caitlin loves working for a tech start-up and fulfills her creative itch with freelance design, art and writing projects.

Caitlin has a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism with a minor in Spanish from The University of Maryland. She is a writer, communications strategist, self-taught graphic designer and multi-talented media powerhouse who brings over a decade of experience in media, publishing, digital content and advertising to the table. Apart from business collateral and web content, her words and ideas have graced the pages of magazines such as the national Land Trust Alliance MagazineAllure, Lucky, Shape, The Multicultural Education Journal, Urban Latino and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine. [PORTFOLIO]

Miss Mello is especially proud of the conception, promotion and execution of Eat Green for Tennessee, an innovative event that doubled it's revenue each year and expanded to two cities and nearly 60 restaurants by connecting the trendy "Farm to Table" movement to the mission of farmland conservation in the eyes of Tennessee urbanites. 

Outside of work, Miss Mello enjoys running outdoors, playing soccer, finding the nearest ocean and woodworking (she even built her own kitchen table). She is fluent in Spanish, loves Pablo Neruda and carries a bottle of hot sauce in her bag at all times. She’s lived in exotic locales abroad from Barcelona, Spain to Cuzco, Peru.

EMAIL CAITLIN if you're interested in help with content and copywriting, event promotion, website production, design projects, a kitchen table...and everything in between. 

Caitlin has a very innovative and creative mind. Her concepts and designs are most impressive. Regardless the of the topic, she comes up with several ideas, which are without fail, on target. On a Communications and Marketing team, she does not hesitate to take on a project and improve it. She is simply the best.
— Kay Simmons, Development Expert + Consultant, Board Member at The Land Trust for Tennessee
Cait has that rare balance of right and left hemisphere. She is incredibly creative – aesthetically and in problem solving – while also very organized and goal-oriented.
— -Andy Mims, partner at Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge in Boston, MA and former Board Member of the Land Trust of Tennessee.
She’s extremely hard working, very organized, and absolutely willing to do anything you need. She was always in good spirits, and a team player. And she was completely dedicated to the job, staying late and paying attention to every detail- even when she was freelance here. She has come back several times to help when I’ve needed her, and I always look forward to it. Caitlin is really a treasure. She’s become a great friend as well as having been one of my best employees.
— Leah Karp, Editorial Fashion DIrector
We took my business to another level with the production and launch of a new website with eCommerce capabilities and Caitlin lead the way.
— Robin Haley, Jewelry Designer